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Managing your financial independence with knowledge and confidence.

We call our brand of proactive and strategic financial planning Wealth Management, because in fact, the very name “Wealth Management” implies a consistent and ongoing process; not something that is done once a quarter or annually, but daily. Wealth Management is about creating, maintaining, and protecting your assets actively. All of the financial advisory services we provide fall under the umbrella of Wealth Management.


Investment Strategies

Tactical and Strategic
Portfolio Construction and Management
Free Portfolio Risk Analysis

Investors typically use their gut instincts about what is best for them when choosing a strategy. We believe this is counter-intuitive to investing wisely. In truth, if you wait until you are comfortable, you likely will have missed the opportunity. That's how the market works.

At the same time, investors deserve more resources in an effort to preserve their investment portfolios. Our investment committee aims to maximize various strategies and provides customized solutions. We believe in active and passive managers all designed to seek to help you seize opportunities while managing risk as much as possible through both strategic and tactical strategies.


Insurance Services

Long Term Care

Just as your risk management activity seeks to protect your wealth, insurance planning aims to protect your total assets and income. Our responsibility is to do the research and make the recommendations that will help you determine which life, disability, and long-term care insurance options may protect you and your loved ones from potentially devastating outcomes.


Personal Planning


Personal planning, including charitable giving, can be complicated to figure out. We provide guidance in a caring way to help you through your journey along with giving you some extra value through our Everplan™ service.


Women's Financial Services

Consult and Educate
Educational: Events and Workshops

We have helped numerous women who are separated, divorced, or recently lost their spouse, become empowered with their finances and help assist them in focusing on a strong financial foundation.


Corporate Benefits

Business Planning and Services
Full Benefits Planning and Implementation
Business Succession
Employee Insurance

The benefit package you provide your employees is a large part of your compensation budget, as well as a significant part of your ability to attract and retain top-notch talent. Therefore, companies need a package that provides for their employees' needs but is also extremely cost effective.

Moreover, many business owners never create a plan for exiting their companies and the security of their own buy-outs to fund their retirement. As a result, their personal retirements can threaten their business partnerships, their employees, and the future profitability of their companies. We view business succession planning as vital to your overall wealth management plan, in that the profits you receive after you leave the helm are a potentially significant portion of your overall future wealth. We look forward to the eventual transition of your business, whether new management takes the helm or it is wound down.  We can help design an exit plan.

Tactical allocation may involve more frequent buying and selling of assets and will tend to generate higher transaction cost. Investors should consider the tax consequences of moving positions more frequently.